Revêtement de terrasse à Lohne (Oldenburg)

Revêtement de terrasse à Lohne (Oldenburg)

15 janvier 2024

Système GRF : la nouvelle valeur esthétique de la vie en extérieur

The new concept behind outdoor living is GRF System.

The new laying system designed by Eterno Ivica creates a new concept of outdoor living: renovation of terraces and pavements becomes easier and faster, reducing inconvenience in terms of time. A revolutionary laying system for creating unique structures that offers maximum design freedom and combines elements of different types: ceramic slabs, marble, synthetic grass, and many others.

The cladding of this terrace in Lohne (Oldenburg), Germany, is a pointed example of the aesthetic quality achieved as a result of installing a raised floor with GRF System.

A system composed of several elements overlapping on top of each other: support of the Pedestal Eterno SE line with an easy-break base, structure of Safety Grids that create the floor, DLG spacers to be placed between the slabs and at the same time to keep them separated and aligned, ceramic surface finishing element.

A stable and safe solution is created and it can be installed on any type of subfloor (waterproof or draining). Under no circumstances does the installation of the raised pavement chosen for this work require glues and/or other chemicals to be installed, avoiding additional costs in terms of material and waiting time.

The choice of this laying system can be essential in environments where there is persistent rainfall, besides, the surface prevents water stagnation by defining a method of draining water that falls on the pavement.

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Revêtement de terrasse à Lohne (Oldenburg)
Revêtement de terrasse à Lohne (Oldenburg)
Revêtement de terrasse à Lohne (Oldenburg)
Revêtement de terrasse à Lohne (Oldenburg)

Site Rif.: Terrace cladding in Lohne (Oldenburg)

Installer: GaLaBau J. Landwehr 49393 Lohne 

Supplier: J&H Fahling 49393 Lohne 

Laying System: GRF System 

Products: Supporti Eterno, Distanziatore DLG, Griglia di Sicurezza