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"T" separator profile

"T" separator profile
  • "T" separator profile

The "T" separator profile is an element that is placed on the grid in order to divide the surface covered with ceramic slabs from the area covered with synthetic grass.
It also serves the function of locking and containing the ceramic slabs.
The profile is made of aluminium, with a lenght of 2,00 meters, a thickness of 2 mm, a base of 40 mm, and a height of 20 mm.
It can be fixed to the grid using a self-drilling screws measuring 3,0 mm x H 19 mm, taking care to screw them into the grid from the synthetic grass side.


Código Type Measure Pcs (Per Box) Lista de precios
Q231500020 "T" separator profile H 20 x L 2000 mm 1 Registrarse para ver

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