Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim

Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim

15 марта 2024

The GRF System completes the important realization in Germany

For the restoration of the internal courtyard of the Siloah Krankenhaus Clinic located in Pforzheim, the GRF System was chosen. The best solution for a highly accessible external walkway such as an environment outside a clinic. The system increases the stability of the structure, avoiding any wear during prolonged use.

The innovative installation system that offers greater freedom in the creation of each raised floor and, at the same time, ensures a robust and resilient structure.The substructure formed by the grids, in fact, offers strength and stability to the project.

A cutting-edge system, which combines technical perfection and attention to detail.

To respond to structural and architectural needs for this project,approximately 2500 Pedestal Prime® PR3 were used, so as to reach high heights for the entire 320 m2 surface area. The optimal solution that allows you to cover heights from 155 mm to 420 mm.

One of the most relevant features of the GRF System is its draining structure which allows the raised flooring to be laid on a draining substrate (for example gravel) or on a waterproof substrate (for example concrete casting, waterproof membrane). In an environment subject to heavy rainfall it may be the optimal solution.

For this creation, 60x60 ceramic slabs were chosen, but this solution is also optimal for different solutions that exploit different types of finishes and different formats, guaranteeing maximum freedom of installation.

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Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim
Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim
Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim
Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim

Realization: Siloah Krankenhaus - Pforzheim 

Products: GRF-System Eterno Ivica (grid, DLG, Pedestal Supports)

Seller: Goldmann Lindenberger - Pforzheim

Assistance: Fliesenfachbetrieb Flinke Fuge - Stefan Knoch - Neulingen

Installer: Hohmann Galabau - Pforzheim