GRF System: an innovative system for the installation of exterior raised floors

GRF System: an innovative system for the installation of exterior raised floors

August 01, 2023

Greater freedom of installation using the polypropylene grid

 Express your creativity with Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica is proud to present GRF System, the innovative installation system for exterior raised floors, that offers design freedom, installation speed and end-user’s safety.

This revolutionary system is designed to combine the advantages of the raised floor with a high quality, free from usual schemes finished floor.

The key features of the GRF System:

  • Freedom. the system allows to install slabs with customised dimensions and patterns, enabling the combination of different finishing formats. Designers and architects can enjoy greater flexibility in creating unique, customised designs.
  • Stability: the system provides, through the polypropylene grid, a solid and even base for laying the slabs. This guarantees the high stability and long-lasting of the finished floor.
  • Resilience: the grid is designed to withstand stress and deformation. This ensures a reliable, without the need of maintenance laying system.

The GRF System enables the laying of different surfaces in combination with each other, such as porcelain stoneware slabs and synthetic grass, and consists of various elements supplied by Eterno Ivica:

  • The Grid: creates a stable and level surface for laying the slabs. The grid features a “dovetail joint” plug-in system that makes installation quick and easy, removing the need of additional accessories to join the grids together;

  • DLG spacer: positioned above the grid, it ensures proper separation between the slabs, guaranteeing a uniform result;

  • Eterno Ivica’s Support: the system is compatible with all models in the Pedestal range;

  • Concrete Basemeasuring 25x25x6 cm, which can be used when it is present a draining subfloor; it is placed below the 'chosen support of the Pedestal line', providing a solid base for the raised floor.



The GRF SYSTEM makes it possible to create open and green spaces that are fully levelled and adaptable to different types of substrates.


It is perfect for creating outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces or roofs, and also offers the opportunity to combine the classic finishing slab with the aesthetics of a synthetic grass without water stagnation problems, thanks to the integrated drainage system resulting from the perforated structure of the grid.

GRF System is fully compatible with a wide range of Eterno Ivica’s accessories to ensure a perfect finish: vertical closures, perimeter spacers, slab edge profile and vertical infill clips.

If you choose the GRF System for elevated floors, you get a solid, resilient solution suitable for all types of laying.


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